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Our menu enlists a variety of
handcrafted fusion eggrolls, to be lavishly dipped into our house vinaigrette sauce. Popular menu items have included our Classic eggrolls, Steak & Cheese eggrolls and Veggie specials, perfected to a "golden crisp".

EC Bento
New tasty meals, our bentos are a new delight...

Bubble Tea
A refreshing beverage with soft and ...
Coffee & Espresso We serve our coffee-of-the-day and ...

About Us

The Eggroll Cafe is a unique blend of cafe and fusion dining. We serve Asian fusion specialties that are fresh, flavorful and healthy, providing our customers with the convenience of quick service and quality foods at an affordable price. We offer a new kind of fresh and tasty delight set amongst a fun and relaxing environment.

An immediate walk from the UMASS Lowell North Campus, we have the wonderful vantage of a diverse student body, faculty and administration, not to mention our surrounding communities along with the proximity of downtown Lowell which hosts some of the city's most historical and cultural attractions.

Our menu is internationally inspired; a blend of exciting and indulgent dishes that are creative yet non-esoteric. We serve a selection of fusion specials, loaded with only our freshest choice of vegetables such as spring onions, bay leaves, coriander, kaffir and selected ingredients such as light soy, miso, tofu and a variety of oriental spices. We select all white meat chicken, high-grade pork tenderloin, choice steak, and succulent shrimp. Our menu enlists a new class of tasty bento meals along with a variety of fusion eggrolls, to be lavishly dipped into our house vinaigrette sauce. Popular menu items include our Classic, Crab Rangoon, Spinach & Feta and Steak & Cheese eggrolls, as well as our Veggie specials, each handcrafted and perfected to a "golden crisp". We also serve swirled curry soup accented with a few shreds of coriander. On the beverage list, we have tea imported from a variety of locations in Japan, China, Thailand and Taiwan. A favorite among customers has been our bubble tea, of which we offer an assortment of flavors ranging from our homemade EC bubble tea, to strawberry bubble tea, honeydew, kiwi, coconut and several other new fruit and tropical flavors. Coffee connoisseurs will also enjoy our gourmet coffee and Italian espressos from Illy. We serve our coffee-of-the-day and espresso-based classics such as Cafe Au Lait, Lattes (with a selection of flavors-Vanilla, Hazelnut and Coconut), Cafe Mocha (Caramel and White Chocolate), Cappuccino, Macchiato, and Americano.

So come visit us and discover your newest "Delight at First Bite."

The Eggroll Cafe also exhibits paintings, drawings and photography contributed by various local organizations, student clubs and individual talent. We also host jazz, a cappella performances, and local music bands, which are usually scheduled throughout the semester. For exciting upcoming events, look for our new press releases posted to our website (

The Eggroll Cafe is open Monday thru Saturday, 9 AM to 10 PM, and closed on Sunday. To offer the convenience of a late-night study-lounge, our hours extend to midnight during reading periods and final exams. We observe federal/national holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Fourth of July, etc. Feel free to call (978-970-3411) or email us at with questions or concerns you may have.

We look forward to serving you! Thank you always for your patronage.